Thank you for visiting our website. We are a Technical – Infrastructure Consulting, Project Development & Management Group based in the Midwest United States.

We have been computing since 1978 when a friend purchased a HeathKit computer kit, assembled it, then programmed a “21” or “Black Jack” game. Shortly after, we had a foray into Harvard Graphics on MS Dos.

Imagine Graphic Design where your Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a flashing cursor on a Black & White screen!

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I think my first domain registered was technical-support.net for my technical support business around 1994.

We began with Accounting Software (Manufacturing/Distribution) and the automating of Art Evan’s Dixie Chopper ZTR factory outside Coatesville, IN. They wanted to return their P.O. software, and I was dispatched to teach them how to use it instead. That emerged into infrastructure consulting to deliver an adequate environment for the Accounting Software. We implemented a Spare Parts system, and 12 Strand Multi-Mode 3Gbts Fiber Backbone on the Dixie Chopper ‘campus’ between the main structures. Dixie Chopper is where I learned an appreciation for better equipment, and began to focus on the Motorsports/Racing Industry mostly out of an interest in Manufacturing Automation, Distribution, and Motorsports/Racing. Dixie Chopper primed me for a fast-paced, quick-growth environment. Racing seemed to have bigger budgets to afford even better equipment I wanted to learn about.

I contacted Reynard North America from a lead, setup a meeting, and we began Winter of ’94 discussing a system. Our initial setup crashed and burned. By August of ’95, we worked with RNA (Bruce/Jeff/Bill) to redo the setup, and from that point on the system cranked out about a quarter of a billion dollars in Race Car Chassis and Part sales.

We pioneered Mobile Servers in Semi-Trailers for Trackside Sales & Service. Before Reynard Racing Cars (RRC – Adrian, Rich Gorne, Malcolm Oaslter and host of others) and Reynard North America (RNA- Bruce Ashmore, Jeff Swartwout, Bill Crisan & crew) set up shop, the rule was about 3-5 days to turn around a chassis. If a tub was damaged, it had to be shipped back to England to be repaired. RNA brought Spare Parts – Trackside, and replacement Tubs – Stateside. This resulted in weekly turnaround of 13 hours vs. 3 days. That meant the engineers had a day off during the busy season, and everybody wanted a Reynard! We automated Target Ganassi Racing Teams (TGRT – Chip, Tom Anderson, Mike Hull, Dean Estridge, Steve Hamel, and staff) on their first major systems automation. I think they were on Quickbooks. Finally, we outfitted the technical infrastructure at Auto Research Centre (ARC Rolling Road Wind Tunnel & 7-Post Rig – David Pitchforth, Vojin Jaksic, Seth Klein, and staff).

Michael Andretti won 1st Race they entered, Chip gave RNA a budget and it was off to the races – no pun. RNA Customers had ordered about 10-12 race cars, and RNA needed to collect millions. Season One they ran an enclosed trailer, and had just purchased a Featherlight Specialty Trailer. Bruce wanted a system to sell and deliver parts Trackside. The Jones Group became Motorsport Technologies and for the next 6-7 years Motorsports Technologies delivered Championship Winning Services to; Reynard Racing Cars, Reynard North America, Target Chip Ganassi Racing, Auto Research Centre, Patrick Racing Team, Riley & Scott, Lola Cars, and numerous other Motorsports Champions.

We had the opportunity to work on such interesting projects as Chrysler Patriot Race Car. This was a joint project with Chrysler providing Admin, Engineering and Money. Reynard Motorsport provided the chassis, drivetrain, and parts of the powertrain. SatCon Technology Corp built the Dyno, and J&P Motorsport, outside of Atlanta, ran the operation. This was one of the first Gas-Electronic Hybrid powered projects.

After the initial fanfare in F1, Reynard brought in Honda as an Engine Manufacturer. We finished our tenure around the time Honda took over British American Racing. It was a good run!

Around 1997, I was approached by Easglesoft (now Patterson Dental) to join their Eaglesoft Certified Hardware Partner program. We trained in Effingham, and set up as Indiana’s First Eaglesoft Certified Hardware Partner to assist Central Indiana Dentists in the nine contiguous counties with Digital Dental Practice Management, Digital Radiography (x-rays), and Digital Imaging (images) Information Technology (I.T.). Barry Fritsch, D.D.S. was my first dental customer that August until mid 2010s. Drs. Doug Peet, Charlie Hayes, Dennis Heritier, and many more. We installed over 100 Dental Computer Networks with Servers and Data Backup. We serviced Dentists from Evansville to Ft Wayne.

We were asked to assist in establishing Dallara, USA for Alex Timmermans & Bill Crisan with ITAR systems for Special Projects at SpaceX, Raytheon, and U.S.A. Gov from 2010-2015. This was a particularly interesting assignment. We had to establish a network inside the Dallara US facility for Dallara, USA to operate ITAR Compliant. One day I will write a book about the stuff I can’t speak about now.

For the past 25 years, we have delivered services to the Internet, Email, Website Hosting market via DoPoMa.COM, and Information Technical Services via TechGroup I.T. All technical services are now available from DoPoMa.NET.

Even today, I prefer to hand code a website from the code. By hand, I have landed on the Front Page Google Search more times than by any automated method. There is an intimacy with the outcome when the technician is at hand.

Choose DoPoMa.NET.

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